Other Language Blogs

Motivated Grammar - by Gabe Doyle, a Linguistics student from San Diego, who blogs about about grammar
Thoughts on Translation - by Corinne McKay, French to English translator, a popular blog among freelance translators
Grammar Girl - "Quick and Dirty Tips" about English grammar, it's actually more of a website than a blog
Omniglot Blog - by Simon Ager, lives in Wales, has some basic knowledge in a lot of languages and is fluent in some of them
Slang O' The Day - by Heather Wallace, who's writing very short posts about slang in any language

The Linguist - by Steve Kaufmann from LingQ, author of The Way of the Linguist: A Language Learning Odyssey, he's from Canada and speaks ten languages
Fluent in 3 Months - by Brendan Lewis (Benny) from Ireland, who travels to a lot of countries to learn new languages in three months' time, he's fluent in seven languages
English Experts - a blog about learning English for Portuguese speakers by Alessandro Brandao (Portuguese)
Fluent Every Year - Randy tries to learn a new language every year to become a 'citizen of the world'
Street-Smart Language Learning - A multilingual lawyer breaks down the process involved in speaking languages based on his own experience

Jennie en France - Jennie is blogging about life in France and about learning French, there are lots of great resources on her website
tofugu - Everything you need to know about Japan and Japanese, by Koichi
PhraseMix - Aaron Knight teaches real and natural English phrases 
37 Languages - Keith Brooks reviews 37 languages to find the best language to learn for himself
I kinda like languages - a blog about learning languages in general, by a Lithuanian Law student

Languagehat -
Language Trainers Blog -
Language Bubble -
Hangukdrama -
CiaoItaliaBlog -