04 May, 2010

Getting Started with Korean: The Alphabet

The first thing you should be learning when starting a new language is the alphabet. Luckily, the Korean alphabet (Hangul) is very easy to learn as there are just 24 letters you have to know, 14 consonants and 10 vowels. I learned Hangul in a couple of minutes by watching the video below, provided by KoreanClass101 (click here to watch it directly on Youtube):

See? It's really easy. A whole sentence written entirely in Hangul looks like this: 

피곤해요. 그렇지만 영화 보고 싶어요. (- I'm tired but 
I want to see a movie.)

Obviously, watching just one video about Hangul isn't enough to be able to read and write it properly. That's why I recommend you to practice it here.


  1. More practice here:



  2. Nice article Steve!
    I'm studying the korean language too.As you said, the alphabet is really easy to learn it but the grammar is quite difficult in my opinion... also because there are a lot of registers.

  3. Thanks Melly! Yeah, Korean is definitely one of the most difficult languages for English speakers. Are you Italian? I read your blog, I guess that's how you found me and there was some Italian on it. Anyway, good luck with Korean!

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